Week FIVE!!!

Linz & Erin’s Excellent LOCAL Adventure…

Karma Lifestyle Yoga & Holistic Health!!

Karma – the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

So, I’m thinking – if any of you know Erin and I – like even in the teeniest – you likely know that we probably haven’t attempted to bring balance and control to our body and mind… but clearly should have hopped onto this yoga train YEARS AGO!!!  I say, it is better late than never!!

From the moment we walked into Francesca’s studio, we knew something fantastic was about to happen.  There is something to be said about creating a positive environment, and allowing that positivity to flow from one person to the next – which is exactly what Francesca did for Erin and I (along with our trusty side-kick/awesome sous-photographer, Dawson!).

Full of beautiful natural light, the space enveloped us as soon as we walked through the doors.  Cool colours, that warmed the soul.  Impeccably clean (cause I’m a little OCD, and notice these things!).  And the presence of this beautiful woman, who was so looking forward to teaching and talking to Erin and I about yoga.

Immediately greeted by Zoya, the Yoga pup, if we didn’t already feel at ease in this (basically) foreign land – we recognized a dog.  And a dog lover has gotta be the universal language of A-OKness.  As a mom to 20 year old triplet boys, I’m thinking Zoya is a breath of fresh air!!

karma lifestyle, francesca bonta, cobourg, cobourg beach, cobourg yoga, lindsey edwards, fallinlovewithyourtown, fall in love with your town, listwithlinz, excellent local adventure, northumberland countyBeautiful, 3 year old, Zoya. The studio enforcer of the mantra “check yoself. b4 you wreck yoself” (*Note – I may, or may not have, made that up!)

So where do a couple of hot professionals start in their yogic practice!?  Aerial, of course!!!  Cause hello – if you’re gonna fall on your face, it may as well be from in the air!!  Go big or go home, as Erin never says.  So inverting we would go!!!  But first, let’s cocoon.


What we soon learned, was these amazing yards of hanging fabric, were so much more than just that.  From pre-beginners (that’s what I’d label us) to kids, to the experienced yogi, aerial is challenging.  Combining acrobatics (like in Cirque du soleil) with yoga, aerial evolved approx 7 years ago.  The kids love it because of the creativity involved.  Creating routines, pushing them, empowering them, with a great team aspect to help them grow.  But don’t worry parents, this isn’t acrobatics class, Francesca always finishes with a meditative component.  Bringing it back to within themselves.

With 3 sessions of aerial yoga now being offered a week, Francesca tells us, it’s a great addition to any yoga practice!!

Clearly I’m was trying to hone in on my deeply buried yogic tendencies, and Erin is just here for a photo-op!! lol   I am truly astounded by my flexibility and fluid motions!!

Now tell me – Who has the prettier Big Giant V!!??

So there are a whole whack of reasons why everyone should be doing yoga.  Why I should definitely be doing yoga.  Why Geoff should be.  And why our kids would benefit.  Beyond building strength and flexibility, is increased self awareness, decreased cortisol levels (STRESSSSSS!!), a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as weight management.

With 32 scheduled classes, 7 days a week, clearly Francesca lives and breathes a true yoga lifestyle.  Having built this beautiful Boutique Yoga Studio, how did she do it!?  With the support of a wonderful team of instructors behind her.  Each with their unique style and personality, there is an instructor for everyone.  But, Karma is so much more than just a yoga studio.  From specialized massage and yoga therapy, to essential oils and yoga accessories, to so much more.  Karma can easily become a place you never want leave – kinda like home.

Although we only got a teeny tiny glimpse into what life would be like practising yoga, I think it’s safe to say, that Erin and I left wanting to know more.  The feeling of acceptance.  The positivity that radiates.  The feel of the stretch.  And the knowledge that there is a such a beautiful studio, with a beautiful sole at the helm of it, encouraging newbies like us, to try something new.

Yoga has been in Francesca’s life for 35 years (ahem, she began at the age of 2!), and teaching for the last 15 years.  Always learning, studying and completing new specialties to compliment her already vast knowledge base.  Francesca, although tiny… is fierce.  Why yoga?  “It’s just me” she replies.  Her journey, her practice, the spirituality connecting all of it.  It’s a way of life.

Now to a few fun questions!!

1. What local store could you not live without?  All Creatures – it’s where I get all of Zoya’s food and treats!!

2. So what colour knickers are you wearing??  “Zebra of course!!”

3. If a person had to pick only one yoga class, which would you suggest?  Restorative Yoga – It’s gentle – Like floating on a cloud for an hour.

4. What do you say to the hesitant beginner??  “Don’t be scared of yoga!! You don’t have to flexible to start.  You just have to start.”

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