Many factors come into account when choosing to either:

– purchase your “perfect” home first, and then list your current home, OR
– list (and sell) your current home first, and then search for your “perfect” home

A few of the main points to consider, and I encourage you to reach out to myself (or another trusted REALTOR®) to chat further…

1. Current market conditions

  • Will making an offer conditional on the sale of your home be considered buy the Sellers?

2. Your financial stability

  • If you purchase first, can you qualify to carry two homes if the worst case scenario occurs, and your 1st home does not sell in a timely manner?

3. How specialized are your needs/wants is your next home?

  • Is your next home in a specific area, with exact attributes? How often do homes such as they, get listed?
The answers to those three questions will lead you to a better understanding of where you should start.
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